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Providing best class service


Publishers need a simple, high quality, innovative technology to profit from their inventory

Most advanced SSP technology on the market to offer publishers high quality and valuable formats to render profitability for your viewers

Market changes and user transition from desktop to mobile require new native formats for mobile which we have developed and offer to our publishers

SALS GOBAL SSP is connected to the main and largest video DSPs worldwide with the aim of ensuring our publishers the greatest campaign volume in the world market at all times, and in turn, a high fill rate 

Besides DSP connections, SALS GOBAL Media has multi sales teams in different countries throughout Europe and Latin America to offer you the best campaigns 

Our yield management technology ensures provision of the highest price offered for the positions of your inventory 

At SALS GOBAL, we believe that transparency is essential for the optimization of your results. For this reason, we have developed an analytical system to provide real-time data from all transactions made by each of our publishers 

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